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About alley cat

Located in downtown Wabash just off the Wabash River Trail, Alley Cat Outfitters is a new retailer providing quality camping, cycling, apparel, bike servicing, and more! Our mission is to foster the growing outdoor recreation community in Wabash County. 

Our team




Years of running, cycling, and a nudge from his wife provided Lucas Kalbfell the inspiration he needed to open Alley Cat Outfitters.  Kalbfell, from Munster, Indiana met his wife Melissa at Indiana University in 2015. Both were involved with the Little 500 bicycle race, and they each enjoyed outdoor activities and exploring new roads and new places. In 2019, the two became engaged and moved to Wabash, Melissa's hometown. They adopted two kitties, Toby and Charlotte, in 2020 and were married in 2021. They are excited to help grow the cycling, running/walking, and outdoor loving community and help showcase Wabash County's natural assets.


When they aren't in the shop, you can probably find them with their kitties or on their bikes.


Tobias "toby" 


Toby got his start by first patrolling the woods until he was brought in to run security. He constantly monitors both home office and retail space.

When he's off the clock, his passion for cuisine has him hunting for his next meal. 


Charlotte "little cat"

Human and Animal Resources

Based at the home office, Charlotte is the head of HR. Her excellent judge of character makes her instrumental in the hiring process. She also bears the distinction of being the "Alley Cat."

When she's off work, she's hanging out with her roommates or chasing her spring toy. 


Kitty "Kitty"

General Manager

The true shop cat, Kitty is friendly and personable, making her ready to greet customers at the door. As general manager, Kitty oversees all the happenings at the shop.  

When she's off work, she's basking in the sun, test riding bicycles, and playing with her fishing pole. 

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